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A&E | Fit to Fat to Fit

The Secret (but very public) Origins of Holistic Systems Coaching

Fit to Fat to Fit: Seth's Retrospective | A&E
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+OVERVIEW. Most people find me after watching my episode of A&E’s television series, “Fit to Fat to Fit.” On Fit2Fat2Fit, the Executive Producer, and well known Keto coach, Drew Manning, invited me and 9 other elite fitness trainers, to intentionally gain significant weight and live an unhealthy lifestyle so that we could empathetically work alongside a client on weight loss and fitness, together. This was a pretty radical shift from the normal dynamics of fitness professionals looking down on, and judging their clients without any sense of what they're going through.


+BACKSTORY. At the time, I was a strength + conditioning coach, gym owner, and yoga instructor in West Palm Beach, Florida, and I was challenged to gain 47 pounds in 4 months so that I could more empathetically support my friend, Dave, in losing weight and becoming healthier. While shooting “Fit to Fat to Fit,” it was evident that Dave had lost faith in himself and, as a result, became disconnected from his family and ultimately experienced tremendous weight gain. Dave was 380 pounds, and was motivated by his love of his family, and wanted to be able to be around for them, in the best health possible.

+HOLISTIC SYSTEMS COACHING. At the time of shooting, what I focused on with Dave was about 70% physical fitness, and 30% yoga and mindfulness. However, it was during this time that I realized for the most effective, lasting results, that ratio had to change, and I and my clients had to be willing to look at the big picture of their lives. The truth is that Dave, the lessons I learned from my own journey of weight gain and loss, and everything that was seen on "Fit to Fat to Fit" were all precursors for a new (and more effective) form of personal fitness training, Holistic Systems Coaching, that I've tested, refined, and now offer to clients all over the world. You can't expect transformation if you don't focus on your whole self.

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Seth from Fit to Fat to Fit personal trainer and holistic systems coach from West Palm Beach FL

Physical fitness is our ability to integrate various systems of the body so they work together efficiently. Part of training our physical body means focusing on our ability to execute our daily activities with optimal performance, endurance, flexibility, and strength while building our immunity against disease, fatigue, and stress.

Mental and emotional fitness is absolutely essential to our ability to meet our goals in life and, similar to our physical fitness, improving our mental and emotional fitness can be approached methodically too. Part of training ourselves for mental and emotional fitness includes understanding how trauma affects us on multiple levels, learning to be aware of and in a more empowered relationship with our emotions, and even media literacy (so we're not being manipulated by clickbait so often).

Spiritual fitness means having a healthy, deep, personal relationship with the Sacred, on your own terms, and in ways that improve your relationship with all other beings on the planet. Spiritual fitness, or spiritual maturity, means being confident enough in your own connection with the divine so that you have a rich and meaningful life that doesn’t cause any harm to others. 

Focus Areas

Cardiovascular Endurance • Muscular Strength • Nutrition Planning • Flexibility •  Body Composition •
Nervous System Regulation

Focus Areas

Non-Violent Communication • Mindfulness • Shadow Work  • Integral Theory • Inner Child Healing • Media Literacy •  Mitigating Patterns of Self-Sabotage

Focus Areas

Healing from Religious Wounds • Connecting to the Sacred • Daily Rituals •  Interfaith Understanding • Rites of Passage • Reconnecting with Ancestors