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Mental and Emotional Fitness Coaching

Mental & Emotional Fitness

Throughout my career as a strength and conditioning coach, and, now, as a Holistic Systems Coach, I've always started off with clients by understanding their why beyond the physical. This is because what motivates us is so much more than physical, it's mental and emotional too. So many people fail to activate their full human potential because they pursue physical fitness, but neglect the mental and emotional dimensions of who they are. I want to be clear: everyone's needs for mental and emotional wellbeing are different, and I am not a psychiatrist or mental health therapist. However, I do have extensive training that I draw from to support my clients to make sure that you are steadily strengthening and stabilizing your mental and emotional foundation.

Holistic Systems Coaching will add value to anything else you might be already doing to support your mental and emotional wellbeing.

Our physical bodies shape our mental and emotional states, and our mental and emotional states shape our bodies. We are all whole, and cannot be compartmentalized, which is why it is so powerful to approach our lives in a comprehensive, whole system way.  

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Set Yourself Up for Success in All Areas of Life

Setting Clear and Healthy Goals

Improving Relationship with Self

Cultivating Presence

Emotional intelligence and mental discernment are key elements of the goal-setting process I bring all of my clients through. We identify how you feel about different areas of your life, and from there we create a logical and reasonable plan through which you'll steadily design your life to be fulfilling on all levels.

How you feel about yourself matters far more than how you look, how much money is in the bank, etc. Self-knowledge is the greatest power, and self-love is the greatest gift. You are completely unique in the world, and it's my joy to help you come into a more empowered relationship with who you are at the deepest level.

Unless we know how to be present with the blessings in our lives, we'll always be dissatisfied and searching for more. This is why I teach versions of meditation and mindfulness that don't just work for you when you're sitting down and practicing: they support you in every moment of life, through the stresses and the joys.

Focus Areas

Visioning • Goal Setting • Wheel of Life • Emotional Intelligence •  Discernment • Emotional Literacy

Focus Areas

Reflecting on Your Life's Story • Setting Boundaries 
• Integrating Transformative Experiences ​•

Focus Areas

Nervous System Regulation • Somatic Presencing
• Meditation • Breath ​•


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