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You Deserve

You deserve to feel connected, confident, and fulfilled in your relationships. You deserve to know what you need and want sexually, and how to ask for it—and get it.

I believe everyone deserves to experience the sexual pleasure they desire—whether dating or married, partnered or single.

I know it's hard to find resources that are trauma-informed and inclusive of all genders and sexualities. This is why my wife and I created Resources for Pleasure. It gives you the tools you need to understand your own sexual desires and needs, communicate them with your partner(s), increase intimacy in your relationship(s), and expand your knowledge of sexuality so that you can explore what works best for YOU.

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Educational guidebook covering sexual anatomy, guidance for erotic touch, physical positions and practices for foreplay and sex, and more.

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Video instruction including sexual anatomy and breathing techniques to deepen connection to self and others and support a more safe and direct experience of the erotic in everyday life.

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Experience design guidance for communicating and creating your ideal erotic time, whether solo or partnered.

Who Are We

What can I expect?

The Resources for Pleasure bundle is designed to help you improve your sexual experiences and deepen your connection to yourself and others. The bundle includes a guidebook, workbook, and instructional videos that will give you the knowledge and tools you need to have greater sexual confidence.

The guidebook in this bundle will give you a deeper understanding of how trauma impacts all of us sexually, and will provide you with knowledge and tools to be a confident lover to yourself and others.


The workbook will guide you through a process to explore your desires and communicate your needs.


Additionally, the instructional videos included will give you detailed instruction for sexual anatomy and increasing pleasure through erotic touch, and also guides you through breath practices which will help you to tone your vagus nerve and enhance your connection to yourself and others.

This bundle is a great way to start your journey towards sexual empowerment. It's available for pre-order and will be released on February 7th. You can pay whatever you think is fair. Keep in mind that healing from trauma and enhancing sexual experiences is a lifelong process and these resources can be a supportive step on that journey.

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