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Shape Your Life, Span Your Dimensions

Just as successful businesses and elite sports teams meticulously plan their long-term strategies for success, your life deserves the same level of thoughtful care and strategic planning.

We will take a thorough look at your life, from your inner world to your interpersonal relationships and consider the legacy you aim to leave for future generations, all while honoring the wisdom of your ancestors. It's not just about individual fulfillment; it's about shaping a life that positively impacts those around you and those who will follow.

What to Expect:

  • Comprehensive Life Assessment: Engage in a deep exploration of 10 key dimensions of your life, from various angles. We’ll assess your current fulfillment levels in each area, recognizing both personal and systemic factors, and identify opportunities for meaningful growth.

  • Personalized Strategy: Drawing from your unique life story and strengths, we’ll develop a Game Plan that's uniquely yours. This plan goes beyond balance, aiming to create a life that resonates deeply with your values, acknowledges your relationships, and respects your legacy aspirations.

  • Actionable Steps: You'll receive a digital Game Plan that provides a clear, strategic roadmap. This plan includes actionable steps designed to guide you toward a life of authenticity and thriving. It considers immediate actions as well as long-term goals, encompassing personal achievements and the impact on those around you.

Ideal for Couples:
Align & Deepen Your Bond in Every Dimension

Begin a journey of shared discovery, finding harmony in dimensions like intimacy, financial unity, and spiritual understanding. The Multidimensional Game Plan guides couples to align their visions, strengthen their communication, and foster a future built on mutual understanding and respect.

Key Areas of Focus:

Intimacy and Pleasure: Delve deep into your sexual and emotional connection, uncovering new levels of intimacy and understanding.

Financial Alignment: Navigate your financial journey together, establishing shared goals and a transparent approach to money matters.

Spiritual Harmony: Explore your individual and shared spiritual beliefs, creating a space of respect and mutual growth.

Foster Open Communication: Implement our 'Shared Reality' framework for deeper understanding and a robust, enduring connection.

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Multidimensional Game Plan for Couples – because true fulfillment is found in shared growth and harmony.



Your initial investment opens doors to deeper growth and savings if you choose to continue your journey with me:

The Multidimensional Game Plan is not just a step toward a more balanced and fulfilling life; it provides a strong foundation for any future work we might do together.


The full $600 can be applied as a credit towards:

  • The EDGE Course: Join me in a a 12-week journey of regulation, connection, growth, and accountability. Should you choose to continue with The EDGE Course, your Game Plan investment will be credited towards this journey. ($1,200 standard rate, $600 after your Game Plan)​

  • Personal Coaching Retainer: Grow through 13 sessions of personalized coaching. If you decide to work with me as your coach within the next 6 months, your Game Plan investment will be credited toward this retainer. ($3,600 standard rate, $3,000 after your Game Plan)

Let's Unlock Your Potential Together

Now is the perfect time to embrace change and growth. To get started, simply book your session through the link above.

And if you’d like to talk it through, I’m always available for a free 30-minute call through the link below. Let's talk about your aspirations and how we can achieve them together.


or reach out through the form below:

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