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My approach in working with you...

I see everyone I work with as a unique, dynamic person capable of greatness.

Many of us find it challenging to embrace our full selves in an economy that thrives on our insecurities, and a culture that teaches us to play small.

Traditional coaching methods tend to fragment us further, zeroing in on isolated challenges instead of the interconnected living system that makes you, you.

My approach is different. I meet you exactly where you are and guide you through a  trauma-informed, transformative journey that celebrates your multifaceted nature.


We explore the intricate interplay between your body, mind, spirit, and the broader systems you're part of, offering a pathway to remembering and reclaiming your wholeness.

Partnering with a Holistic Systems Coach

Elevate Every Sphere of Your Existence
When you choose to work with me, you're not just signing up for another run-of-the-mill coaching experience. You're enlisting a partner who embraces multiple facets of coaching—wellness, performance, life, and more—blended into one transformative journey. Here's what sets this partnership apart:

A Journey Through Multiple Dimensions
Life is more than just a sum of its parts—it's a complex, interconnected experience. Together, we'll delve deep into each facet of your existence, mapping out a grand vision and crafting implementable systems to bring it to life.

Beyond the Limits of Specialization
Narrow-focused coaching can trap you in a cycle of temporary success, followed by stagnation. Our holistic relationship avoids this pitfall by treating you as a whole, multi-faceted individual, paving the way for lasting, meaningful improvement.

A New Paradigm for Peak Performance
Forget the "grind and hustle" narrative that dominates conventional performance advice. Our approach adds depth to achievement, balancing spiritual wisdom and mindfulness practices. The focus isn't just on the destination but the quality of your journey there.

Revitalize Your Present to Redefine Your Future
A core belief we explore right from the start: while we can't rewrite our past, we can reinvent how we react to it in 'the now'. Through specific breath exercises and tools like creative visualization, you'll harmonize your past experiences while cultivating an enriching, multi-dimensional future.

The Crucial Skill: Your Nervous System
Understanding your nervous system is more than a fringe benefit; it's a game-changer. Gaining proficiency in this essential skill sets the stage for extraordinary growth and balance in every part of your life and interactions with others.

Heal and Thrive
We all have our traumas, some subtle, some more severe. These experiences can disrupt our mental and physical well-being. Our approach incorporates somatic healing techniques to help you overcome these obstructions and move toward a fuller, more harmonious self.

Personalized Coaching for Your Innermost Self

In a 13-session journey, we dive deep to uncover and transform the core dimensions of your life. These sessions are paced to your rhythm, whether that's weekly or at intervals that best serve you.

Your healing doesn't happen in a vacuum, and neither does our work together. I can actively collaborate with your broader support network, from therapists to somatic practitioners. More than just coordination, I create the space for you to integrate insights and breakthroughs from your other healing experiences. This holistic lens helps you see the interconnected systems of your multidimensional life, so you can live out your realizations with renewed clarity.

For an inclusive fee of $3,600, you're investing in a transformative journey to your most authentic self. With flexible payment options, you'll never face interest or penalties.

Ready for Your Next Chapter?

Take the leap into a life that's not just successful but fully integrated. Let's co-create an existence that doesn't just enrich you, but also radiates positivity to everyone in your orbit.

My approach is deeply personalized, empathetic, and grounded, blending somatic healing, adaptive spirituality, and the ancient wisdom of Buddhism and Judaism with the modern insights of Systems Theory.


This holistic method is designed to help you navigate the various aspects of your life with clarity and purpose, enhancing your journey towards a more integrated and fulfilled self.

The goal? To help you reach your maximum potential in every dimension—physical, pleasure (sexual & sensual), mental/emotional, and spiritual—without sacrificing your well-being or inner peace.

Together, we'll engage in multi-dimensional optimization, diving deep into understanding your nervous system, applying actionable systems, and integrating somatic healing techniques.

The focus is always on proactive and efficient design for long-term thriving. We don't just solve problems, we preempt them, ensuring a life of not just peak performance, but deeply resonant meaning.

You direct the focus, and I will meet you there, guiding our journey toward your most integrated self.

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Your Evolving Personal Library:

As we journey together, you will have a personalized Google Doc which will steadily fill with curated resources, powerful questions, and insightful processes that support your self-discovery and meaningful change. 

It's a living document that evolves with you, enabling you to learn at your own pace, engage deeply with life-altering questions, and revisit the material whenever inspiration strikes or challenges arise. Here are some of the topics you will receive detailed guidance for within your Google Doc:

  • Life's Purpose & Core Values: Illuminate the ‘why’ and ‘what’ that shape your every choice.

  • Understanding Trauma and The Nervous System: Attain emotional balance and physical well-being.

  • Nonviolent Communication Skills: Navigate relationships and conversations with empathy and clarity.

  • Breathing Techniques & Creative Visualizations: Ground yourself and gain mental clarity for better decision-making.

  • Intro to Jungian Psychology: Gain insight on how your 'self' operates through understanding the psyche & archetypes.

  • The Hero/Heroine’s Journey Explained: Understand the deeper narrative arcs of your life.

  • Inner Child + Reparenting: Connect with your innermost innocent self, and give yourself the permission and blessings you always deserved, but may not have received. 

  • Integral Theory & Spiral Dynamics: Access comprehensive models to understand human growth and societal interaction.

And that's just the beginning. As you evolve, so does your library—making it a continually renewing source of inspiration and empowerment.

Customized Pacing + High Level of Personal Support

13 session container with flexibility to spread out sessions between 3-12 months at the pacing that is right for you

✧ Comprehensive Intake ✧
✧ 12 Coaching Calls ✧

Coaching plan is 100% customized for you
and your particular goals & circumstances

Direct text and voice messages to ask questions, report on progress, and receive additional coaching during business hours

Access to pre-recorded exercises, meditations, & educational material,
including Find Your Flow and Resources for Pleasure


Flexible payment options are available with no interest.


or reach out through the form below:

Thank you for sharing your contact information.
I'll reach out shortly, talk soon!

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