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Your full potential is not just a dream - it can and should be your reality. In partnership, we navigate the pursuit of a profoundly meaningful and fulfilling life, infusing your journey with direction, depth, and momentum. My holistic approach is designed for those seeking balance and growth across all of life's dimensions.

Multidimensional Coaching for
Multifaceted People

Embark on a Journey to Your Most Authentic and Thriving Life

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Seth Kaufmann, holistic systems coach, featured in Yoga Journal
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Seth Kaufmann from A&E's Fit to Fat to Fat
Seth Kaufmann from Fit to Fat to Fat featured in Palm Beach Illustrated
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How I Serve

Your Holistic Systems Coach

By merging evidence-based practices with mystical traditions, I offer a comprehensive system that elevates your personal and professional life. This unique approach has supported Olympians, professional athletes, healthcare professionals, and Fortune 100 CEOs, enhancing performance and nurturing wellbeing.

Conditioning Your Nervous System

Through education and consistent, personalized practices, you’ll hone the ability to proactively meet every moment in life with clarity, presence, and adaptability. Recognizing the nervous system as the command center of your wellbeing, intentional conditioning can become the most transformative tool for achieving a profound state of harmony and peak functionality in all areas of life.

Beyond Specialization

Specialized coaching often operates in a vacuum, focusing on one dimension while neglecting the others. The result? Short-term gains but long-term stasis. Working with me holistically ensures that we consider the full spectrum of your existence, yielding sustainable results that genuinely enhance your quality of life.

A Multidimensional Approach

With my expertise in exercise, physiology, trauma and the nervous system, spiritual guidance, financial trauma, systems thinking, integral theory, and sexuality, I am able to see the whole picture of your life with unconditional compassion, understanding, and always a clear vision for how we can move through life's challenges to bring you the life you long for. Together, we'll weave the threads of your life into a vibrant tapestry of health, creativity, connection, and efficiency.

Peak Performance, Reimagined

The mainstream dialogue around peak performance often boils down to 'hustle harder.'  My philosophy is different. I offer both practical spirituality and a grounded permission for pleasure and rest, recognizing these elements as vital for expansive growth and sustained excellence. This holistic path honors the full spectrum of your human experience, ensuring that your highest achievements are not merely reached, but richly deserved and deeply fulfilling.

Integrating the Past for a Thriving Future

One foundational truth I share with every client is this: our past cannot be rewritten, but our present response to it can be transformed, leading to massive breakthroughs. With a blend of inner child healing, reparenting techniques, forgiveness practices, and shame release work, we dive deep to untangle the complex web of your history, integrating all your parts back to wholeness. You'll move beyond making peace with your past - you'll forge a future charged with meaning and ripe with potential. 


Understanding & Healing from Trauma
Trauma is any experience that continues to live in our body. It impacts all of us, and there are so many helpful ways to resolve the traumas we each hold. I guide all of my clients through somatic healing practices, which we will refine and adjust to work for you in deep and lasting ways. This process will unburden you from old, repeating patterns of pain in your life, and open you up to your true authentic capacity for connection, creativity, and fulfillment.

My Own Continuous Education

If you look at the trainings and education I have under my belt, you'll notice one thing above all: I'm constantly learning. It goes back to my first degree in Multimedia Journalism- I love to research, I love to learn, and I love to share what I learn with others. This is a key element of my 1-1 work with clients: if something comes up that I don't know enough about to support you, I'll acknowledge it with humility and get to work doing solid research to support our ability to move forward with clear information.

Your Future Awaits. Step into a life that's not just well-lived but well-integrated. Let's weave the various threads of your existence into a tapestry so remarkable it enriches not just your life but also the lives of those around you.

Who I Serve


Is a New Beginning Calling You?

Life's transitions offer an opportunity to break free from the comfortable yet unfulfilling routines and step into profound transformation. Whether it's a career shift, personal milestone, or the start of a new chapter, embrace this moment with purposeful strategy. It's your time to move beyond the familiar, towards a life filled with excellence, joy, and the dreams you've always held. This is your invitation to a vibrant, dream-fulfilling life.

​Your future self will thank you.


Looking to Enhance Your Performance?


Artists, musicians, athletes, founders - as pioneers of creativity and innovation, your work redefines boundaries. Our collaboration focuses on harmonizing your inner drive with external achievements, blending discipline with well-being. Together, we'll develop a strategic blueprint that not only elevates your skills but also nurtures your overall well-being, propelling you to new heights in your craft and career. This journey is about optimizing your performance, ensuring it's as sustainable as it is remarkable.


Ready to Deepen Your Professional Impact?

Trainers, coaches, therapists, and doctors your commitment to healing and growth is a vital force in our world. Let's collaborate to enhance your practice and personal development. Our unique approach blends innovative strategies with multidimensional insights, equipping you to create more profound, lasting changes in those you serve. Together, let's expand your toolkit, enrich your professional journey, and cultivate a more fulfilling practice that not only benefits your clients but also enriches your own life and career.


Seeking Deeper, Lasting Intimacy?

Explore the art of profound self-connection in a journey that acknowledges and honors your unique history and desires. This path transcends mere experience, embracing pleasure as powerful medicine for deep healing. It's a compassionate, educational exploration, opening you to the depths of emotional, spiritual, and physical intimacy. Here, pleasure becomes a powerful force, enriching your life with a newfound sense of connection, fulfillment, and bliss. 

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Welcome to Your Transformation
Hello, I'm Seth Kaufmann.

My life’s mission unfolded from a childhood realization to a profound truth: the greatest impact I can make is by guiding you to become your best self. Alongside my wife, Ganga Devi Braun, we've crafted a path that's more than self-improvement—it's a journey to the heart of who you are.

Rooted in the profound wisdom of tikkun olam and bodhicitta, our work is about true transformation. Drawing on a unique blend of physiological & psychological expertise, spiritual depth, and coaching prowess, we're here to create a space where growth and healing are not just possible but inevitable.

This is a call to rediscover yourself, beyond the noise and narratives that have shaped you. It's an invitation to explore the depths of pleasure, purpose, and potential that life offers.


Let's embark on this journey together. The world awaits the fullest expression of your being.




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"Seth's coaching cuts through the BS, directly honing in on your true potential and bringing it to the forefront. His multidimensional approach, clear game plan, infinite frameworks, and consistent accountability drives transformative change, empowering you to excel in all dimensions of life."

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