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Whether you're a self-motivated professional, a creative soul, entering a new life chapter, or seeking sexual empowerment or healing, my holistic approach is tailored to guide you toward multidimensional living.

Multidimensional Coaching for
Multifaceted People

Embark on a journey to your
most authentic and thriving life.

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Seth Kaufmann, holistic systems coach, featured in Yoga Journal
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Seth Kaufmann from A&E's Fit to Fat to Fat
Seth Kaufmann from Fit to Fat to Fat featured in Palm Beach Illustrated
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Who I Serve

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Explore the core components of our transformative approach.
Each element, carefully designed, leads you on a path to greater clarity, fulfillment, and wholeness.


The Passionate Professional: You sense there's more to life and yearn to delve deeper into your authentic self. Let's weave mind-body-spirit practices into your life to cultivate a legacy of impact and fulfillment.


The Creative Talent: Artists, musicians, athletes – you have the spark but feel held back. Let's refine the friction and unlock your flow, letting creativity, passion, and compassion shine through. 


The New Chapter Explorer: At the cusp of an empty nest, divorce, or retirement? The wisdom and frameworks I work with will guide you to a vibrant future, embracing the next phase with purpose and grace. 


The Sexual Wellness Seeker: Whether healing from trauma, dysfunction, or seeking multi-orgasmic experiences, my expertise in sexology and tantra will empower your sexual growth and pleasure. 

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How I Serve

As Holistic Systems Coach

Unveil the Full Potential in Every Dimension of Your Life
As a Holistic Systems Coach, my role transcends the typical boundaries of coaching. I'm not merely a life coach, a wellness expert, or a performance consultant; I'm an amalgamation of all these roles and more. Here's what sets me apart:

Your Nervous System: The Keystone Skill
Gaining a deep understanding of your nervous system is the cornerstone to optimizing your performance across all aspects of life. By acquiring this skill, you pave the way for unmatched growth and equilibrium, in both your personal journey and your broader interactions with the world.

The Multi-Dimensional Approach
Your life is a tapestry of interconnected threads—physical, emotional, spiritual, and beyond. I help you weave them together in the most vibrant way possible. We'll develop a vivid vision for each area of your life and then create actionable, achievable systems to turn those visions into reality; optimizing your life in mind, body, and spirit.

The Pitfall of Specialization
Specialized coaching often operates in a vacuum, focusing on one dimension while neglecting the others. The result? Short-term gains but long-term stasis. Working with me holistically ensures that we consider the full spectrum of your existence, yielding sustainable results that genuinely enhance your quality of life.


Peak Performance, Reimagined
The mainstream dialogue around peak performance often boils down to 'hustle harder.' My approach challenges this paradigm, incorporating spiritual wisdom and mindful practice. It's not just about what you achieve; it's about achieving it in a way that honors your entire being.

Transform Your Nervous System, Transform Your Life
One foundational truth I share with every client is this: we can't alter our past, but we can recalibrate our nervous system's present responses. Through educational materials and techniques like creative visualization and pondering prompts, you'll not only make peace with your history but also design a future rich in possibility and meaning.

Understanding & Healing from Trauma
Trauma, whether big or small, affects us all. It throws our nervous system off balance and can even manifest physically, limiting your full potential. Through somatic healing methods, we understand and heal these traumas, allowing for a more balanced, optimal you.

Your Future Awaits
Step into a life that's not just well-lived but well-integrated. Let's weave the various threads of your existence into a tapestry so remarkable it enriches not just your life but also the lives of those around you.

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As a Holistic Systems Coach, my work combines a rich tapestry of education and experience, all tailored to support you in the innermost dimensions of your life. Drawing from my Master of Science in Exercise Physiology, experience as a meditation and yoga instructor, training as an Interspiritual Minister, and certification as an Authentic Tantra® Practitioner, I've crafted a versatile toolbox to meet your unique needs.

My wife and creative partner, Ganga Devi Braun and I have cultivated the emunah method, a pathway designed to harmonize the various elements of existence, uniquely designed to bridge the gaps in traditional coaching, athletic, sexual, and spiritual practices.

For my part, the emunah method draws from my rich experience in high-level athletic and performance coaching, yoga, personal development, and a scientific understanding of life's interconnectedness. The result is a curated set of offerings to guide you toward the life you've only dreamed of. When we work together, I draw from the entire palette of the emunah method to create a customized, fully supported pathway for your growth.

Many of these tools are available at no cost, and I invite you to immerse yourself in our Knowledge Hub and feel if our approach resonates with you.


Our Knowledge Hub is your gateway to wisdom and insight. Here, we distill the essence of our work into accessible tools, guides, and resources, helping you navigate the complexities of life with more ease and awareness.

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Emunah Flows are designed to bring rhythm and intention to your life. They are accessible to every body and deeply rooted in somatic healing. This practice aligns your energies and aspirations, serving as a ritual and routine for regenerative growth. 

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Our system is a journey through three transformative phases.
Each stage is a stepping stone, guiding you from clarity to execution, and finally to a wholly designed, enriched life filled with purpose.


West Palm Beach, FL

— Jason G.

"I would recommend Seth's services to anyone who's ready to step into the best version of themselves, especially if you don't think that's possible."


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