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A Multidimensional Approach to Sustainable Fitness for Your Whole Life 


Let's [re]define fitness.

Fitness is not simply the condition of being physically fit and healthy. I believe that true fitness is about our capacity to meet life fully, to show up for our commitments to ourselves and our communities, and to steadily work toward becoming the most whole versions of ourselves.
Achieving true fitness means looking beyond diet, nutrition, and exercise. It's time to think about fitness in terms of our whole selves. My way of approaching fitness is called Holistic Systems Coaching which evaluates a whole person by identifying the history and habits that keep them from achieving their life goals and fitness goals, and developing the rituals and habits that will bring about steady gains in quality of life, for the rest of their life.
As a Holistic Systems Coach, I believe that fitness is multidimensional and, therefore, I help my clients get physically fit, mentally and emotionally fit, sexually fit, and spiritually fit, which leads to profound changes in their overall wellness.

The Dimensions of Fitness We Work In

Multidimensional Fitness
Holistic Systems Coaching is Multidimensional

Holistic Systems Coaching is different from personal training because it works on improving all aspects of your life - not just your short-term physical fitness goals. As your Holistic Systems Coach, my mission is to look at the many different systems in your life to understand how they work together so I can help you develop a wellness program that actually suits you. I will help you function in a way that promotes true fitness throughout your entire life which includes your body (e.g., nutrition and exercise), your mind (e.g., emotional wellness), and your spirit (e.g., tuning into the cosmic and divine in nature).

Physical fitness is our ability to integrate various systems of the body so they work together efficiently. Part of training our physical body means focusing on our ability to execute our daily activities with optimal performance, endurance, flexibility, and strength while building our immunity against disease, fatigue, and stress.

Mental and emotional fitness is absolutely essential to our ability to meet our goals in life and, similar to our physical fitness, improving our mental and emotional fitness can be approached methodically too. Part of training ourselves for mental and emotional fitness includes understanding how trauma affects us on multiple levels, learning to be aware of and in a more empowered relationship with our emotions, and even media literacy (so we're not being manipulated by clickbait so often).

Spiritual fitness means having a healthy, deep, personal relationship with the Sacred, on your own terms, and in ways that improve your relationship with all other beings on the planet. Spiritual fitness, or spiritual maturity, means being confident enough in your own connection with the divine so that you have a rich and meaningful life that doesn’t cause any harm to others. 

Focus Areas

Cardiovascular Endurance • Muscular Strength • Nutrition Planning • Flexibility •  Body Composition •
Nervous System Regulation

Focus Areas

Non-Violent Communication • Mindfulness • Shadow Work  • Integral Theory • Inner Child Healing •

Media Literacy •  Mitigating Patterns of Self-Sabotage

Focus Areas

Healing from Religious Wounds • Connecting to the Sacred • Daily Rituals •  Interfaith Understanding • Rites of Passage • Reconnecting with Ancestors


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