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West Palm Beach, FL

— John W.

"I would recommend Seth's services to anyone who's ready to step into the best version of themselves, especially if you don't think that's possible."

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Mantra Yoga & Health featuring Seth Kaufmann
Seth Kaufmann, holistic systems coach, featured in Yoga Journal
Seth Kaufmann, holistic systems coach, featured in Yoga Magazine
Seth Kaufmann from A&E's Fit to Fat to Fat
Seth Kaufmann, holistic systems coach, from A&E's Fit to Fat to Fat featured in People Magazine
Seth Kaufmann from Fit to Fat to Fat featured in Palm Beach Illustrated
Seth Kaufmann from Fit to Fat to Fat featured iNTouch
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"I’m a Holistic Systems Coach. That means that I take an integrative approach toward helping you achieve optimal fitness in your mind, body, and spirit. I’ll help you create new habits around your mental and emotional fitness, your physical fitness, and your spiritual fitness as none of these aspects of life are mutually exclusive. I’m committed to working with you from a place that is grounded in common sense, good science, and an open heart. Oh... and I'll also get you into the best shape of your life!"

— Seth Kaufmann, M.S. CSCC, ACS

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Holistic Systems Coach

Personal Trainer vs Holistic Systems Coach

+ Personal Trainers create fitness programs for their clients and work to motivate and guide their clients to achieve their weight loss goals. People who work with personal trainers simply want to lose weight or gain muscle, so personal trainers teach their clients to exercise properly by providing them with guided workouts and, in some cases, nutrition plans.

+ Holistic Systems Coaches are trained professionals who use an integrative approach toward addressing their clients' overall diet and lifestyle to prescribe customized health plans that improve their clients' lives. Unlike personal trainers, Holistic Systems Coaches observe their clients' nutrition patterns, relationships, physical fitness, and spirituality to help their clients achieve an overall healthier lifestyle.

+ Bottom Line: Personal Trainers treat symptoms relating to an unhealthy lifestyle whereas Holistic Systems Coaches address the root causes of an unhealthy lifestyle and work with clients to prescribe solutions for each aspect of their lives that trigger negative behaviors.

+ My Difference: The biggest reason personal trainers fail is that seldom few have stepped into their clients shoes with the intention to understand their struggles. While being featured on A&E's television show, "Fit to Fat to Fit," I intentionally gained over fifty pounds, and used the methods that have since been developed into the foundations of Holistic Systems Coaching, I and my client together reached the best fitness levels of our lives. Since then, I've worked with incredible clients in-person and online, refining and developing my approach to multidimensional fitness. Now, I've created an on-demand Holistic Systems Coaching platform called Emunah, which allows my clients to experience everything they get from working with me one-on-one, and more, any time, any where. Right now, Emunah is in beta with my current one-on-one clients, but we'll be opening our doors to anyone seeking a multidimensional approach to fitness soon, at a very low monthly cost.
You can sign up to get early access to Emunah here.


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