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Holistic Systems Coaching

A Whole-Life Approach to Fitness

This is for you if...

-You are ready to move toward optimal fitness in your body, mind, and spirit. -You know that each area of your life is connected, so you’re ready to look at the big picture. -You know you’ll get the best results when you’re empowered by knowledge and supported by someone who believes in you and is committed to you reaching your goals. This is a commitment for a focused three months of Holistic Systems Coaching. We will begin with a detailed two hour intake session, and then will have 10 sessions (75 minutes each) over the subsequent three months, taking two weeks off for integration in the final month. The total cost is $3,600, which is to be paid in monthly installments. In the intake process, you will detail the areas of life (ie Dimensions of Fitness) that are your top priorities in these three months together. Due to the interconnected nature of the dimensions of our lives, these may naturally change over the course of the three months, however a comprehensive understanding of your goals at the beginning will lend clarity and structure to the three months of our work together.

Cancellation Policy

All sessions must be booked at least 7 days in advance. 24-hour notice is required when canceling a session. Those who do not give 24 hours notice will be charged the full amount for the session, with the exception of legitimate emergencies. Online coaching clients: If you are unable to give 1 day notice for a missed appointment, you may receive your coaching via email exchange.

Contact Details

12133 Ken Adams Way, Wellington, FL, USA