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You are already whole. I believe that you are capable of living in a state of joy, connection, and empowerment that leaves a positive impact on the world around you.

But most of us struggle to fully live in that wholeness.


This isn't your fault. We live in a fragmented world, where everywhere we turn we encounter messages that we are not enough.

Most of the solutions and strategies presented to us only ever address one aspect of the challenges we face at a time, rather than seeing the whole picture.


Holistic Systems Coaching is a transformational journey of returning to your wholeness, through a comprehensive approach that understands the profound connections between your body, mind, and spirit, and the larger systems you belong to.


One: Foundations of Self-Knowledge
Two: Return to Wholeness
Three: Thriving in Interdependence

For one-on-one clients, these 3 phases unfold in the time and rhythm that is right for you, in 13-session retainer intervals.
Everyone is different, some want to work with one concept for a few sessions at a time to really be sure to apply the ideas into their lives, and some want to take in the whole curriculum and then spend the rest of their lives integrating. Some meet with me every week for 3 months, some every other week for 6 months. I'm here to meet you where you are, and to support you thriving in the way that's right for you. Extended payment plans are available with no interest or penalty charged.

What You Will Learn

The 12-part HSC curriculum teaches you essential frameworks for understanding the ways that, through development, conditioning, and survival, you've been shaped into the person you are today, so that you can choose what to unlearn and release in order to become the person you are capable of becoming.


Here are some of the key topics explored throughout the curriculum:

  • Defining Your Own Core Values

  • Getting Clear on Your Life's Purpose

  • Numerous Breathwork & Meditation Styles

  • Polyvagal Theory

  • Understanding Trauma + The Nervous System

  • The Subtle Energy Body (Chakras & Nadis)

  • Nonviolent Communication Skills

  • Formula for Integrity & Flow States

  • Understanding the Soul/Consciousness

  • Foundations of the Human Psyche

  • Archetypes (+ Their Shadow Aspects)

  • Cause and Effect

  • Systems Thinking / Whole-Systems Awareness

  • Integral Theory & Spiral Dynamics

  • and a whole lot more...

What's the Format?

We all learn in different ways, and information lands for us differently depending on the delivery method. This is why HSC takes an approach that includes many different modes of teaching so that the information and transformation can take root within you in the way that is right for you.

Each session includes a combination of:

  • Educational slides introducing the core ideas of the session.

  • Writing prompts to help you 'Live on Purpose' in your own words and on your own terms.

  • Breathwork, meditations & embodiment practices.

  • Guidance for crafting personal routines & rituals to transform all areas of your life.

  • Resources to learn more about each topic, should you want to dive deeper.

EMUNAH SPARKS_edited.png

Phase One:
Foundations of Self-Knowledge

RBLN secondary B wht.png

Phase Two:
Return to Wholeness

RBLN secondary A wht.png

Phase Three:
Thriving in Interdependence

Who is This For?

Holistic Systems Coaching is for people who are ready and willing to do the deep and lasting work of returning to their wholeness.

This work requires you to be willing to learn, to reflect, to go to the edges of your own self-understanding, and find what is true at your core.

To be fully clear: this is a curriculum. You will stretch your understanding of how your body, mind, spirit, and surroundings work together, learn things that were never taught to you in school, and you will have homework that will change your life for the better, but you will need to be accountable to yourself first and foremost in this process.


Assemble your own group (min.4)

Customized pacing + high level of personal support

3 month commitment for each phase

12 week curriculum you move through with a cohort + personalized physical fitness plan

Comprehensive One-On-One Intake 

+ 2 additional one-on-one coaching calls

+ Access to weekly office hours for questions and group coaching

Access to pre-recorded exercises, meditations, and educational material

Access to community platform where you can ask questions, share progress, and connect with the group you are journeying with these 3 months

13 session commitment, option to spread out sessions

Coaching plan is 100% customized for you and your particular goals + circumstances

Comprehensive One-On-One Intake 

+ 12 one-on-one coaching calls

+ Direct text-based line to Seth to ask questions and report on progress during business hours

Access to pre-recorded exercises, meditations, and educational material

Access to community platform where you can ask questions, share progress, and connect with others on the Holistic Systems Coaching journey

Payment plans are available for both group and one-on-one coaching, with no interest or penalty charged.

HSC Application

Apply for Holistic Systems Coaching!

Thank you for applying!
You'll hear back from me soon.

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