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The Edge

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Navigate life's complexities with unprecedented clarity, self-alignment, and purpose with your Values, Vision, Vices, and Virtues.

What will you get out of this?

In just four transformative weeks, gain a life compass that enhances your decision-making, enriches your relationships, and aligns you with your deepest values. Elevate your life and become a catalyst for positive change in all that you do.


Why I Created This Mini-Course

With more than 15 years of experience coaching a wide spectrum of amazing clients—from elite athletes to Fortune 100 CEOs - I've created The V's as a self-paced roadmap to multidimensional thriving. At the root, this mini-course was born from my wife Ganga Devi and my shared desire to democratize access to transformative growth.

While you'll navigate
The V's at your own pace, know that each step is carefully designed to not just help you discover your unique gifts, but to equip you with a foundational framework that enhances any future transformative journey you undertake. 

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This isn't about just setting goals; it's about establishing a deeply rooted life of purpose, integrity, and joy that serves as a springboard for all future growth.

Wondering if The V's is a fit for you?

Feeling Stuck? If you've hit a plateau in your personal or professional life, The V's offers a structured path to break free and rise to your next level.

Overwhelmed by Choices? If you're paralyzed by big life choices, the V's helps you craft a compass for clear, value-driven decision-making.​

Emotional Disconnect? Struggling with forming meaningful connections? The V's equips you with the tools to deeply resonate with yourself and others.

Unfulfilled Potential? If you sense a greater purpose but don't know how to reach it, The V's sets you on a transformative journey aligned with your deepest values.

Consistency Issues? Are your actions not aligning with your values? The V's creates a framework for integrity, helping you live out your beliefs consistently.

Work-Life Imbalance? Feel like you're juggling too much, yet achieving too little? The V's teaches you how to balance and prioritize what truly matters.

The V's addresses critical challenges you might be facing:

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Through guided exercises and introspective practices, you'll be empowered to navigate these challenges, laying an unbreakable foundation from which to build a more intentional and fulfilling life.

Lack of Clear Life Direction
Decision-Making Paralysis
Unfulfilled Potential
Emotional Disconnect
Mental Self-Sabotage
Inconsistency in Values and Actions

The Format

Duration: 4 Weeks

Commitment: Approximately 20 minutes a day, 3-7 days a week


Format: Self-paced but community-supported, with weekly exercises and meditations


Price: $77

Lesson Access: One lesson each week supported with a Creative Visualization meditation, accompanying writing prompts, and support via a community forum space all hosted in our EMUNAH Multidimensional Living community platform.

Week-by-Week Breakdown

Week 1: Values
Establish your foundation with a focus on purpose and clarity through core values.

Week 2: Visions

Using your core values as a guide, formulate compelling visions for your future.

Week 3: Vices

Identify and address the obstacles that hinder your personal and professional growth.

Week 4: Virtues
Develop a personalized virtue statement to enhance your life and positively impact others.

Clarifying your Values, Visions, Vices, and Virtue gives you a compass that helps you navigate your life. By understanding yourself through these four dimensions, you arrive at a level of self-knowledge that will positively shape every area of your life.

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Don't let another day go by without your compass to the most fulfilling life you can lead. Enroll in "The V's" today and start your journey towards profound self-alignment and clarity.


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