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How I Approach

The Dimensions of Fitness

My approach towards holistic systems coaching is meant to help you make realistic lifestyle changes by developing specific habits and rituals that create the systems in your life that will support your long term goals. 


After we get crystal clear about the big picture of your life, your specific goals, and your current challenges, I will create a customized, periodized approach to realizing the changes you’re seeking in your life. 


We start small and simple, with habits and rituals that help you to see and feel rapid results, which gives you courage and confidence to take on the bigger changes in your life. Over the course of our three initial months together, you will build up to a lifestyle that feels natural and is aligned with who you truly are, and everything you want to become.


During this time, these are some of the areas we can work on together:

Physical Fitness

  • Weight Lifting & Resistance Training: using barbells, dumbbells, and our own physical bodies for resistance- you don’t actually need to go to the gym!

  • Cardio/Endurance Training: HIIT training, cycling, swimming, rowing, dancing, whatever gets your heart up!

  • Flexibility: static stretching, hyperbolic stretching, focusing on your long term mobility is one of my top goals.

  • Yoga: in addition to teaching what you would recognize as physical (Hatha) yoga practice, we can also explore the other paths of yoga.


  • Nutrition Planning: whether you are an omnivore, vegetarian, vegan, want to follow paleo, keto, or another kind of diet, we can look at the science and your own lifestyle (I’ll calculate and explain in detail your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and why it’s so important) to make sure that you’re approaching your relationship with food in a way  that is healthy and aligned with your goals

  • Intermittent Fasting: if this is aligned with your goals, and is appropriate and healthy for you, I can support you in developing a healthy and balanced approach to fasting that will work for you. 

  • Supplement Selection: I have significant experience in different areas of the supplement industry, so I know what works and what is a passing fad. I will support you in making a clear and informed decision about the best supplements to meet your goals.

Meditation by the Sea
Sandy Beach


  • Connecting to the Sacred: everyone can connect with what is sacred to them. It doesn’t have to be an idea of God, it can be your family, or nature. Whether you’re religious, agnostic, or an atheist, I have no desire to change you. I will meet you with an open mind to understand both your beliefs and what you’re curious about, and from there we will deepen your connection with whatever is sacred to you. 

  • Daily Rituals: what we do every day forms the building blocks of our life. By having small, daily (or weekly) rituals, we can repattern your life to focus more on what your true priorities are, bringing more intention and connection to every area of your life.

  • Reconnecting with Ancestors: I believe that there is wisdom and power that all of us can access through connecting with our ancestors, and even if we don’t know who they are, they live within and through us. When we are connected with them, we can access courage and clarity around our life path. 

  • Rites of Passage: There are many important initiation points throughout our life cycle. If you’re getting married, having children, stepping into a new role of leadership, or grieving a loss, we can create authentic rituals that are unique to you to honor who you have been and profoundly prepare you for who you are becoming.

Woman in Wheelchair Drinking Coffee

Psychological + Interpersonal

  • Non-Violent Communication: NVC was developed by Marshall Rosenberg, and is a powerful and simple framework for bringing much needed awareness to our everyday communication. It is centered around understanding and honoring our needs, and as we come to understand your own needs through our work together, NVC will support you in communicating what you are experiencing within our coaching container to the people who are most important in your life.

  • Mindfulness: mindfulness is about bringing our awareness to the present moment with equanimity- no judgement. This is a powerful process of stabilizing the mind, so that we can have clarity of mind in all moments- challenging moments, beautiful moments, everything. I integrate traditional practices from Tibet and India with contemporary science based mindfulness research to support your ability to stabilize your own mind in the way that is most appropriate for you.

  • Jungian Psychology: Carl Jung, who was the founder of analytical psychology, articulated many essential ideas that are practically useful to us today. I incorporate his work into my coaching, including exploring archetypes, the idea of the shadow, and inner child healing.

  • Polarity with Alpha - Omega: in order to be psychologically whole and integrated, we must learn to embrace and balance seemingly contradictory aspects of ourselves. Often called Feminine/Masculine, Yin/Yang, we all have a balance of these polar qualities within us. I like to use the simple terms “Alpha” and “Omega” to describe these states of being, and I will support you in coming into a healthy balance of these states in your life and your central relationships.

  • And many more!

Woman in Wheelchair Drinking Coffee

My approach toward fitness and online personal training is not just meant to help you achieve short-term physical fitness goals where you’ll lose weight fast or build muscle fast; I want to provide you with the resources that you need so you can transform your body and your mind in ways that work best for you- and maintain it for the rest of your life.

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